Deeper (Tunnels, Book 2)


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Grade 5–9—This volume begins exactly where Tunnels (Scholastic, 2008) ended—with Will, Chester, and Cal on a train taking them away from the Colony to the deeper underground wilds. The authors waste no time with backstory and leap straight into the plot; they maintain a frenetic pace throughout via short chapters and nonstop action. The Styx, who tortured children in the last book, prove to be even more malevolent in this one. After teaming up with two renegades in the Deep, Will discovers that the Styx are planning to kill all of the humans living Topsoil so that the Colony can reclaim the Earth. Determined to stop them and to find his father, who is wandering lost in this underground world, Will is constantly running for his life, enduring hardships or caught in skirmishes with the militant Styx. There are dark moments in this book—references to torture, drug use, and intense violence—and several important characters die, but the pace is so rushed that readers have no time to dwell. Purchase where Tunnels is popular or where there is a need for action/adventure for readers who aren't afraid of the dark.—Caroline Tesauro, Radford Public Library, VA

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