Outplaying the Boys: Poker Tips for Competitive Women



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Whether it’s in a casino, a private club, an online poker room—or even many friendly home games—when a woman sits down to play poker, she’s usually facing men, and those men are going to typecast her as being too passive to be competitive. Guess what? She’s got them right where she wants them! Women have a tremendous natural advantage at the poker table. Now it’s just a matter of learning how to exploit it. Written for female players who are in ever greater numbers catching poker-mania—60 million people a month are now playing poker and 30% are women—Outplaying the Boys is a street-smart guide to the green-felt jungle. By Cat Hulbert, whom Card Player magazine ranked as one of the top seven-card stud players in the world, its 125 annotated tips are filled with strategy, wisdom, and lessongiving anecdotes. How to project a winning image. How to choose the most profitable table—a talkative table will yield more than a quiet one—and the best seats (avoid the chair closest to the expert players). How to recognize and squelch your own tells. Who to bluff—the new player, the player who just made a comeback, the guy who comments on how tight you are. And who not to bluff—the short stack, the maniac who calls everything. Understanding your innate strengths and weaknesses—honing intuition, curbing your instinct to be too trusting, getting into opponents’ heads. The book covers two key games—Texas Hold’em and Seven-Card Stud—and provides a glossary of terms, recommended books, and more.

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