Weight Loss Confidential: How Teens Lose Weight and Keep It Off - and What They Wish Parents Knew

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With teen obesity a big issue in the U.S., the author of Thin for Life turns her expertise toward helping overweight teens and their parents adopt proven strategies for weight loss—together. As a dietician whose son, Wes, was an overweight teen, Fletcher learned firsthand that "pushing" a kid to lose weight does not work; the teen must want to lose weight for himself, and then decide what will work for him. Fletcher interviewed 104 teens from various walks of life who had successfully lost weight and, most importantly, kept the weight off. She found several commonalities: increase in physical activity, better food choices and portion control, coupled with the unconditional support of the parents. Though none of this is surprising, Fletcher presents it in a "from-one-teen-to-another" fashion, using real-life case histories and interviews. This book is more about fostering a positive attitude toward weight loss than a step-by-step diet guide. By examining how teens have successfully taken control of their own weight, other young people may become inspired to do the same. (Jan.)

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